All events are from 1:00 to 3:00 P.M. unless otherwise noted. Check email or private Facebook group for location specifics. Each mom should plan to either host or supervise at least three events throughout the year. 

Sept 9 - Kick off Social:  The girls will get to know each other a bit, and work on their hat looms and Heidie will inspire them with service stories. BRING FABRIC DONATIONS THIS DAY.

Sept 23 - Service Project: we will meet by Salem Pond or a church parking lot near there, and then go and work on a lady’s yard.  This woman has made over 8,000 blankets and donated them. Because she is now on oxygen she could use help cleaning up her yard. 

Oct 7 - Soap making/Scrapbook Cards: the girls will watch a soap making demonstration and make birthday card and welcome cards to be part of various kits we'll be assembling.  Bring card supplies to share and check our Pinterest page for ideas.

Oct 21 - Kits for Kids: there will be stations to rotate at sewing, cutting, drawing, and making crayon packets to go in the kid kits (for hospitals & crisis centers)

Nov 4 - Crochet Social: we will be crocheting wash cloths and sewing scrubbies. The girls can make as many as possible and sell them.  All donations will go to purchasing batting for the quilts.

Nov 18 - Homemade Pampering: we’ll be making lotion and chapsticks and activity booklets for various kits.

Dec 2 - Kit Assembly: we will assemble activity kits, crisis center kits and make fleece blankets.

Dec 16th "Bring A Grandma” social: Tying quilts and drinking hot chocolate like the quilting bee days of old. (The quilts are for the refugees in SLC)